Weave Co-Living


Emerald Lake


Brian Cheng, Barry Cheng, Rosa Byun, Alisa Matthews, Jess Yao, Leo Mimasu




Emerald Lake reached out to WeSuperseed to further elevate the branding of their latest project, WEAVE Co-living. With co-living being a fairly new concept in Hong Kong, it was crucial to get the branding – and the message – just right.


Following in-depth market research and competitor brand analysis, WeSuperseed developed a solid branding strategy for WEAVE Co-living and created a set of brand guidelines to ensure consistency in all materials across the board. This included copy writing, logo usage, color palette, typography, brand elements, interior environment, social media, as well as digital, video, photography and co-branding.

After ensuring a solid foundation, it was time to build. WeSuperseed strengthened WEAVE Co-living’s presence by designing their construction hoarding and created memorable decorative patterns, icons, and animated logos that they continue to use as they continue to grow.

Logo Animation
Icon design

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