Campfire Collaborative Spaces


Brian Cheng, Barry Cheng, Rosa Byun, Charles Lee




Campfire’s industry-focused co-working spaces are spreading like wildfire, and they’re not slowing down any time soon. In fact, Campfire is expanding to include offerings such as co-living and co-education, and to reflect this, they wanted to rethink and redesign their branding and visual identity.


Prior to their attendance at the Rise Conference 2017, WeSuperseed were asked to craft a new logo that truly reflected the Campfire ethos: a welcoming and reliable space for the community to gather and share knowledge and experiences.

We also created a conference backdrop and a user-friendly one-page website that featured all of their business offerings and updates so that audiences could understand the true essence of Campfire with a single click.

Logo outcome
Brand Collaterals

Temp Website Design

Temp Website Design

To showcase more of Campfire' services at the Rise Conference, Wesuperseed helped create a user-friendly easy to digest one-pager website. Allowing the users to easily look up and fully understand Campfire's culture and company.